There is an email to contact Tropical Smoothie (2023)

Tropical Smoothie is an American fast food restaurant chain specializing in smoothies and salads. The company has more than 700 locations across the United States. If you have questions or comments about Tropical Smoothie, please contact the company by email. The customer service email address is ____________. When emailing Tropical Smoothie, be sure to include your name, address andtelephone numberso that the company can contact you.

Café Tropical Smoothiedoes not have an email address or customer service phone number. We can provide you with personalized advice based on the nature of the issue you are writing about. You can access Tropical Smoothie Cafe by phone or on the web. For Tropical Smoothie Cafe customer support, you can contact our customer service team by calling 1800-822-1900. GetHuman strives to collect the best customer service information from its customers so we can share our best tips and tricks. Please keep in mind any pages or information you find useful here as you share it with your loved ones. That is why this undertaking is so important.

The Tropical Smoothie Cafe® app makes it easy to order delicious tropical dishes online. When you sign up for Tropic RewardsTM, you'll also receive a free smoothie* after your first purchase. It's free to use the app and earn points for free sips and bites, as well as custom menu items.

Get a FREE Smoothie* after your first purchase if you sign up for Tropic Rewards and download the app.


We can always customize your smoothie design. Strawberry, peach or peanut butter are good options for adding chia to your diet. Jessica Ann is a young woman in her early 20s. Tropical Smoothie, don't dismiss this smoothie; it's the only thing you sell in your store.

How do I apply for a Tropical Smoothie?

There is an email to contact Tropical Smoothie (1)

Please use the online form or 770-821-1900 if you have any comments or suggestions on how to make the site more accessible.

Do you tip Tropical Smoothie?

Employees who have worked for the company for 90 days will receive a tip equal to the full 90 days.

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Tropical Smoothie Corporate Email

There is an email to contact Tropical Smoothie (2)

At Tropical Smoothie Café, we are committed to providing an exceptional experience to our customers. We appreciate your feedback and would love to hear your thoughts. Email us at[email protected]and a member of our team will contact you. Thank you for being a partTropical Smoothie Café Family!

Tropical smoothie phone number

Phone number for Tropical Smoothieit's 1-800- smooth. You can also find their phone number on their website

National Flip-Flop Day: A great opportunity to celebrate summer… and sugar-laden smoothies

While National Flip-Flop Day is a great excuse to throw on some flip-flops and start the summer off right, be aware of the sugar and calories in every smoothie you order.

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Tropical Smoothie contact center name

Tropical smoothie contact center is a great place to get smoothies and other tropical drinks. They have a large selection of flavors and are always ready to help you find the perfect drink for your taste. The staff is friendly and always with a smile on their face. If you're ever in the mood fortropical drink, the tropical smoothie contact center is the place to be.

Tropical Smoothie Cafe: A national brand on the rise

Tropical Smoothie Cafe is a national franchise chain with more than 1,000 locations across the United States. The entrepreneurs founded the company in 2004 to meet the growing demand for healthy, convenient and reasonably priced food for working Americans. Today, Tropical Smoothie Cafe is one of the fastest growing national brands in the country. Tropical Smoothie Cafe, like many other successful businesses, is owned by individuals and corporations. Franchising is a process in which a restaurant is owned and operated by a company, which provides structure, marketing and training, as well as day-to-day management of the business by the owner. There are, however, some company-owned restaurants that operate more centrally and have more direct ties to the franchisor. The owner managedTropical Coffee Smoothiesare committed to providing high quality food and drink at reasonable prices as well as friendly service.

Tropical Smoothie Corporate Claim

There are many complaints about Tropical Smoothie. Some say they are too expensive, others say the quality of their smoothies has gone down in recent years. Some people also complain about long queues and waiting timesTropical smoothie spots. Regardless of the complaint, it is important to remember that Tropical Smoothie is a business and they are trying to make money. If you are not happy with their product or service, consider taking your business elsewhere.

How Much Do Tropical Smoothie Franchise Owners Make?

in 2021, ortropical smoothie franchise ownerwill earn $126,000 per year, based on an average net income of $1,009,803 and a profit margin of 15%.

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Opening a Tropical Smoothie Cafe: a smart investment

Investing in Tropical Smoothie Café is an excellent investment for a new or existing business. ANDTropical Smoothie Cafe opening costsaround $400,000*, but that number may vary by location. The cafe can cost anywhere from $277,000 to $584,000, which includes the purchase price as well as furniture, fixtures and fittings. Permits and licenses can also start at $50. In addition to coffee, training and marketing are also included.

Tropical smoothie Cancel order

I was very disappointed when my tropical smoothie order was cancelled. I couldn't wait to try it and was disappointed that it didn't work.

There are a few things you need to know before canceling your subscription. You can unsubscribe from Tropical Smoothie Cafe immediately. You will have to follow some simple tricks after directly logging out from the website in the future if you want to subscribe again. During useTropical Smoothie Café app, you could set up an account. Many apps make it easy to sign up, but it can be difficult to delete your account once you do. Our goal is to make it as simple as possible for you. We cannot know what each application is doing because there is no information available.

Members earn 10 points for every dollar spent and Tropic Rewards members earn points for every dollar spent. When ordering through the app, you can customize yoursfavorite smoothieor food in the desired way. You must not allow apps to take your money without your permission. You can control your subscriptions with the help of the Justuseapp card. It is crucial that the Sports Center maintains a high level of reliability and consistency in its restaurants. While the new app lets you remove fruit or ingredients, the old app does the same thing. The interface is visually unattractive. Along with basic visual updates, adding a description to your app can make it even better.

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Don't let smoothies derail your diet

Although smoothies seem like a healthier alternative to milkshakes and sodas, they can be just as unhealthy. Tropical Smoothie Cafe's smoothie contains an average of 495 calories and 90 grams of sugar. Tropical Smoothie Cafe has plenty of nutritious and healthy options, and is the most popularSmoothie Detox Island Green, which is made from fresh fruits and vegetables. This drink has only 26 calories and is low in sugar as it contains only 26 grams of sugar, plus vitamins A and C, fiber and antioxidants. If you're looking for a healthy drink to enjoy this summer, consider the Island Green Detox Smoothie from Tropical Smoothie Cafe.


How do I make a complaint to Tropical Smoothie? ›

Call us toll-free at: (855) 966-2563.

Does Tropical Smoothie give refunds? ›

Refund Policy

Contact the location directly with the phone number provided as soon as possible to request a full or partial refund.

Who is the current CEO of Tropical Smoothie Cafe? ›

How do I reset my Tropical Smoothie password? ›

A: If you have any issues with logging in, please use the 'forgot password' option on the login screen to reset your password. If you are unable to reset your password, please reach out to our Guest Contact Center in the app or online at and they can help with this request.

What is the Tropical Smoothie controversy? ›

In September a Virginia man sued Tropical Smoothie Café for selling him a beverage contaminated with hepatitis A. The suit alleges that the man fell ill after drinking several smoothies from the franchise's Woodbridge, Virginia location, ending up in the hospital for three days and undergoing a slow recovery.

What to do with a failed smoothie? ›

The solution is quite simple. What you have to do: add some fresh juice (cold-pressed of course!), coconut water or fruits that contain a lot of water, like watermelon for example, to your mix.

Do Tropical Smoothie workers get tips? ›

Yes, Tropical Smoothie employees are often rewarded with tips from customers.

Do you get a free smoothie from Smoothie King on your birthday? ›

In addition to the $2 Program Reward received for every 2,500 points accrued, Champion Members receive for their birthday, one (1) free 20 ounce smoothie up to a $7.00 value (the “Birthday Reward”).

Do they use real fruit at Tropical Smoothie? ›

Yes, tropical smoothie uses real fruit in their smoothies. Each smoothie contains a variety of frozen fruit, such as banana, pineapple, mango, and strawberries, as well as fresh ingredients like almond milk, Greek yogurt, orange juice, and honey.

Who owns the Tropical Smoothie franchise? ›

Charles Watson, CEO, Tropical Smoothie Cafe.

Who is the owner of smoothie? ›

Corporate history. Smoothie King was founded in 1973 in Kenner, Louisiana by Steve and Cindy Kuhnau. As of November 2012, Smoothie King was still a privately held company. In 2012, Wan Kim—a South Korean Smoothie King franchisee since 2002—bought the company from the Kuhnaus.

Who is Tropical Smoothie competitors? ›

Tropical Smoothie Cafe's competitors include Jack In The Box, Bojangles, Hooters, Restaurant Brands International. Tropical Smoothie Cafe ranks 2nd among 432 active competitors.

Do Tropical Smoothie points expire? ›

A: Yes, points expire, but only if you don't make a purchase using your Tropic Rewards account for a period of 6-months. Any previously collected points will be voided and forfeited after 6-months of inactivity.

How do I reset my online password? ›

Change your password
  1. Open your Google Account. You might need to sign in.
  2. Under "Security," select Signing in to Google.
  3. Choose Password. You might need to sign in again.
  4. Enter your new password, then select Change Password.

How do I reset my EMS password? ›

To reset your password, please access:
  1. Click Forgot your password?
  2. Enter in your Email Address > complete the reCAPTCHA > click Reset Password.
  3. You should receive an email from Whova to reset your password.
Feb 20, 2023

Are Tropical Smoothie smoothies actually healthy? ›

Yes, Tropical Smoothie can be a healthy option. While there are some items on the menu that are higher in calories and fat, there are also lighter options on the menu. Smoothies and Acai Bowls can be nutritious choices, made with real fruit, juices, greens, and other nutritious ingredients.

What is the strawberry issue at Tropical Smoothie? ›

More than 50 people in five states are confirmed with Hepatitis A infections in an outbreak associated with frozen strawberries from Egypt that were served at Tropical Smoothie Café locations in Virginia.

What foodborne illness does Tropical Smoothie Cafe have? ›

Anyone who consumed a smoothie with frozen strawberries at a restaurant within the last 50 days is encouraged to watch for symptoms of hepatitis A. If illness occurs, seek medical care and take steps to protect others from the infection. Hepatitis A is an inflammation of the liver caused by the hepatitis A virus.


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