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The moon features prominently in many of the most popular songs ever written. Songs about the moon are often romantic and reflect how it illuminates our nights with its light.

Some songs are simply about the moon itself and the effect that celestial body has had on us throughout history. For others, they may be metaphors for the phases or cycles of life - rising and falling like the tides. Whatever it was, these 44 Best Songs About the Moon stood out as some of the most memorable to date.

1. Titles in Lua - Norah James

shoot the moon

This song was released in 2002 and was part of the albumcome with me. The song has strong acoustics, making it popular for sober occasions. It's better for a slow dance. The song talks about how love changes like the seasons.

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2. The Moon is a Tough Mistress - Glen Campbell

The Moon's A Harsh Mistress (Remastered 2001)

Glen Campbell released the song in 1974 and it is featured on the albumThe best of Glen Campbell. Its lyrics talk about life's challenges and how difficult it can be to overcome them. It has a strong melody that makes it suitable for many settings. It's best paired with a simple dance step and slow choreography.

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3. Talking to the Moon - Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars - Talking To The Moon (song text)

This song was released in 2010 and is part of the albumDoo – Pneus e Hooligans. The lyrics are about what it's like to be away from someone you love. The song has a soft melody that makes it suitable for most occasions.

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4. Serenata ao Outside - Glenn Miller

Glenn Miller & His Orchestra - Moonlight Serenade (Audio)

Moonlight Serenade was written in 1935 but published four years later. Miller wrote the song's lyrics when he was a trombonist. The song performed well on both the UK and US charts. It was number 12 and 3 respectively. The song is about two lovers spending time together.

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5. Once in a Very Blue Moon - Nanci Griffith

Nanci Griffith - Once Upon a Blue Moon

Griffith released this hit number as the lead single from his 1984 album Once In a Very Blue Moon. The song was written by Nanci herself and helped her establish herselfyour career as a musician. The song talks about the struggles that arise after breaking up with a loved one.

6. To the Moon and Back - Savage Garden

Savage Garden - To The Moon & Back (Extended Version)

Little did the Australian duo know how big of a hit this song was when they released it in 1997. They first wrote the lyrics and then combined them with a melody to complete the song. The song peaked at number twenty-four in the US. It was the only Savage Garden song to achieve this feat, but it also peaked at number two on the Australian ARIA Charts.

7. Outside - Grace Nanderwaal

Grace VanderWaal - Moonlight (video)

Born in Kansas on January 15, 2004, Grace began her music career by posting videos on Youtube. The song was featured on the album Just the Beginning, released in 2017. The song is about battling depression and the challenges that come with it.

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8. Neonmond – Brooks und Dunn

Brooks & Dunn - Neon Moon (official audio)

The duo released the song as a track number on their Brand New Man album. The lyrics describe a man in love with a woman who has left him and is heartbroken. The song topped the country charts for three consecutive weeks.

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9. Rio da Lua – Andy Williams

Flux Oral

(Video) This Girl Has Been Dead for a Century. When You See What She Does, You'll Be Terrified!

Andy Williams' version of Moon River was no. 89 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1962. The song is about a man who longs to be in the arms of his beloved. He's willing to do anything for her, even if it means crossing an ocean to get to her.

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10. The Moon and the Sky - Sade

Sade - The moon and the sky

Sade originally debuted this song on his 2011 Ultimate Collection album as a single, and it was #54 on the billboard. The song is about giving up on a relationship after trying your best.

11. Take Snow Moon-Kina Ft

Kina - Hol dir den Mond (Texto) ft. Snow

Get You The Moon is a song about being willing to do the impossible for someone you love. The song was released by Columbia Records in 2018. It is a very catchy song that can be used as workout motivation!

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12. Man on the Moon - R.E.M.

R.E.M. - Man On The Moon (videoclipe oficial)

Othe inspiration of musiccomes from the late comedian Andy Kaufman. Michael Stipe, the lead singer, wrote this song and it is about Kaufman's altered impersonation of Elvis. The song features darkly humorous lyrics sung by Stipe in his distinctive nasal voice. Its lyrical content deals with the duality of human nature and how the world often sees the worst of us.

The song's lyrics are famous for their weirdness, which is attributed to Stipe's writing style. The lyrics appear to be semi-autobiographical, as Stipe has said that the song was a "big exorcism for me" and that he kept it for years. The lyrics are often attributed to Kaufman, as Stipe said it was a "eulogy".

It is known for being one of R.E.M.'s most successful songs. and peaked at number 19 on the Billboard Hot 100. The song was also successful in the United Kingdom, peaking at number 19 on the UK Singles Chart.

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The term "Moonlight" in the song is used to represent XXXTentacion's success as an artist and to compliment a girl he has a crush on. Released on March 24, 2018, this song was one of his main performances before he passed away. However, the musician has had a hard time dealing with all the fame his career has brought him.

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14. Second to Janela - Joni Mitchell

moon in the window

The song was part of the Wild Things Run Very Fast album released in 1982. It tells the story of how people don't know how to value what they have. They use things and throw them away in the same way that people don't want to appreciate what's in front of them.

15. Ano da Lua – Kalash Fort Damso

Moon of the Year Kalash ft. Damso

This French song was released in October 2017 and has a reggae tone. The music is fun and will have you on your feet dancing. It did well on the charts in Belgium and France, taking the top spot.

16. Moon River - Open Ocean

Frank Ocean - Mondfluss

This was the signature song for the album.Flux Oralreleased in 2018, and spoke of digression. John and Henry are the original writers of this song. Many artists have covered this song over the years, most notably Frank Sinatra and Jerry Butler. The song was written for Audrey Hepburn in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's and was originally called Audrey. The song was unreleased and remained unreleased for 11 years before finally seeing the light of day in the film Days of Wine and Roses.

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17. Den Mond anheulen – Milow

o Mond anheulen

Howling at the Moon was released in 2016 and is about a man who is having problems with his girlfriend. He wants to escape from reality and his problems. The song itself received a lot of criticism from listeners due to its lyrics.

18. They shelter the moon - Sam Hunt

they shelter the moon

(Video) A Man Without Love LYRICS Video Engelbert Humperdinck 1968 🌙 Moon Knight Episode 1

This is another Sam Hunt song released in 2015. The story of this song is about a man who meets an attractive woman. He tries to impress her by asking her out to dinner. The girl loves the idea, but it never comes up. This song is great to listen to if you're in the mood for some country music.

19. Mouth Treasures – Yusuf / Cat Stevens

Yusuf / Cat Stevens - Moonshadow (ao vivo, 1971)

The song was released in 1971 and is one of the most famous songs about the moon. It is also one of the most popular Cat Stevens songs that you can find on several albums. The song is about finding hope even in hopeless situations. It's accepting life as it is and being happy in the present moment.

20. Lua sobre Bourbon Street - Sting

Moon over Bourbon Street

This song was released as part of the album in 1985The Dream of the Blue Turtles. It has strong beats and was recorded in one take. The song is about wrestling with inner feelings about what to do.

21. Mondtanz - Van Morrison

Mondtanz (2013 remaster)

The song peaked at number 92 on the US Singles Chart and is included on Northern Irish singer-songwriter Van Morrison's third studio album. The album is widely regarded as one of the greatest albums ever recorded and a definitive example of jazz-inspired rock with pop overtones. In its November 2008 issue, Rolling Stone magazine ranked the album number 39 on its list of some of the greatest albums of all time.

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22. Dancing in the Moonlight - King Harvest

Dancing in the Moonlight (gravação original) - King Harvest

Dancing in the Moonlight reached #13 on the US charts and was released as a single in 1973. It's a great song and was the first song King Harvest recorded and released as a group.

23. Erntemond – Neil Young

Neil Young - Harvest Moon [videoclipe oficial]

This song is a clear illustration of Neil Young's sound and relates to his albumfull moon. The song is full of references to Harvest Moon and Neil Young's own life. It has a distinctly folk sound, using the organ in place of the guitar - something that wouldn't have been out of place during the psychedelic folk movement of the 1960s. The song is best known for its famous chorus, which many artists have covered over the years.

24. Fly Me To The Moon – Frank Sinatra Ft Count Basie

Fly Me to the Moon - Frank Sinatra e Count Basie

This was one of the first jazz songs to reach number one on the pop charts and was written by Bart Howard in 1954. The song is about a man asking the moon to take him away, with the lyrics "Fly me on a magic carpet ride". The song has been covered by many artists over the years and has appeared in many movies and television shows. They even used music to send astronauts home from the moon as a Morse code signal for help.

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25. Moonage Daydream – David Bowie

David Bowie – 03 Moonage Daydream

This song was released on the albumThe Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardustit's atspiders from mars, released in 1972. It is perhaps one of Bowie's most famous songs and was one of the last songs recorded for the album. The song is full of references to Bowie's past, including his interests in Buddhism and bisexuality. Bowie said the song is about "estrangement, my feelings of estrangement at the time".

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26. Shame on the Moon - Bob Seger

shame on the moon

Bob gave this song a country rock style reminiscent of his previous hits. The song is a clear composition related to the breakupSeger's first marriage- something Seger never admitted. The lyrics reflect how he felt after the breakup and have often been interpreted as being about the loss of America's innocence.

27. Walk on the Moon - The Police

The Police - Walking on the Moon

When it comes to this song, there are many rumors about its meaning. The song was written by Sting, who said he was "trying to capture some of the spirits of the great space pioneers". Sting has also said that he is fascinated by the moon and has even referred to it as a "otherworldly world".

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28. Outside – Ariana Grande


(Video) The Police - Every Breath You Take (Official Video)

Ariana made this song and the lyrics are about a girl who feels like she's not good enough for anyone. the text referenceAriana's Past Relationship With Mac Millerand how she feels her boyfriend doesn't understand that what they have is real. The song is about the moment when she finally stands up for herself and says enough is enough.

29. It's Just a Paper Moon - Ella Fitzgerald

Ella Fitzgerald - It's Just a Paper Moon

This song was first published in 1933 but was recorded by Fitzgerald in 1967. The song is about spending time with someone you love and even though it feels like a dream, there is still a sense of reality. The music is perfect for jazz and swing fans as well as fans of Fitzgerald himself!

30. Moonlight Shadow – Mike Oldfield

Moonlight Shadow (Remastered)

It was unexpected as the song peaked at No. 4 in the US and No. 12 in the UK, making it Mike's highest charting song on both charts to date. The lyrics are widely considered to be a tribute to John Lennon. The song has a folk sound, influenced by Mike's love for John.

31. Bark At The Moon – Ozzy Osbourne

Calling Den Mond

This song was featured on Ozzy's first album without his lead guitarist, who died in a plane crash a year earlier. The lyrics are about a werewolf who comes back from the dead to get revenge. This song was written by Ozzy's bassist Bob Daisley.

32. Out of the Moonlight – Randy Houser

Runnin' Outta Moonlight Randy Houser (Text in Description)

The song caused quite a stir with a unique uptempo melody that made it a huge hit on the charts. Its lyrics are about spending so much time with someone you love before they disappear from your life forever, and how natural it is to feel what you feel.

33. This is how we walk on the moon – Jose Gonzalez

José González - This is how we walk on the moon

This is one of the best songs about the moon because it's one of the most diverse. It has a folk sound and an indie rock vibe that creates something new and exciting. The lyrics talk about a failed relationship and how the protagonist is determined to recover what he lost.

34th Crescent – ​​Blind Pilot


The song was released in 2011 and the lyrics talk about life, love, loss, redemption - all of which can be found in music and in everyday life. The song is about how we all try to hide our feelings and be tough. Emphasizes that it's okay to let your guard down every now and then.

35. Dancing in the Moonlight - Thin Lizzy

Thin Lizzy - Dancing in the Moonlight

This song has a jazzy melody that makes it a perfect summer song. The text is about a showgirl trying to stand out in the world, playing various roles, including that of a maid. OProtagonist is tired of the monotonyand wants to be herself again without letting her boss know what she is doing.

36. Man on the Moon - Kid Cudi

man on the moon

The song's lyrics talk about how nothing changes no matter what the protagonist does to make things better for him and the people around him. Cudi claims this was his best song about the moon. It's a solid track for anyone who wants to know what he's all about as an artist.

37. Dark Side of the Moon - Nicki Minaj featuring Lil Wayne

Dark side of the Moon

Nicki and Wayne's lyrics are about how they will always be there for each other even if the earth is destroyed. The song has an uptempo melody that makes it perfect for late night listening.

38. Evil Moonrise - Creedence Clearwater Revival

Creedence Clearwater Revival: Bad Moon Rising

(Video) John Denver - Rocky Mountain High (Official Audio)

This song talks about how when there's trouble; it will follow you wherever you go. The protagonist tries to warn people to leave the city before it's too late. The lyrics are a perfect example of what rock and roll is all about.

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39. Drunk on the Moon – Tom Waits

Tom Waits - "Drunk on the Moon"

Tom's lyrics are about how life's situations can blind you, and it's like nothing else matters. The song has a country sound to it which makes it perfect for both country and folk fans.

40. Dancing in the Moonlight - Toploader

Toploader - Dancing in the Moonlight (official video)

Originally published in August 1970, its cover was published exactly thirty years later, in 2000. Toploader's lyrics are about how good it is to be with someone you love. The music is perfect for those who like pop and rock and for those who like good dance music.

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41. Can't Fight the Moonlight - Leann Rimes

LeAnn Rimes - Can't Fight The Moonlight (videoclipe oficial)

This piece is one of the best compositions about the moon because it is catchy and fun. The words are about how love is a magical feeling enjoying each other's company in the moonlight.

42. Der Killing Moon – Echo & The Bunnymen

Echo & The Bunnymen - The Killing Moon (videoclipe oficial)

This song is ideal for those who like rock and even indie music. The lyrics talk about how life can be tough, but you have to keep fighting and doing what you love.

The song was released in 1984 and the lyrics are about how we all need to find our way no matter what life throws at us. The music is perfect for those who like indie music and even folk songs.

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43. Harvest Moon – Am Pool

Poolside – Harvest Moon (official audio)

Poolside worked wonders with this song, adding a tropical vibe to it. The lyrics are about the protagonist trying to find his way in life, but he cannot help but fall in love with the moon and stars.

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44. Lua Azul - Beck

Beck - Blue Moon (Audio)

The blue moon in the song represents a friend; always present for the protagonist, even in difficult moments. The lyrics are perfect for anyone who likes indie and folk music.

45. Para a lua – phora

Phora - To The Moon [Official music video]

This song is another great Phora release. The lyrics talk about the protagonist trying to find his way in life; He thinks there's nothing wrong with having a little fun with it.

This song is about following our dreams and doing whatever it takes to make those dreams come true. It's perfect for anyone who likes indie and folk music and pop songs that are catchy and fun at the same time.

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Was Pink Floyd bigger than The Beatles? ›

The upshot: Pink Floyd has sold more albums worldwide than the Beatles. Floyd recorded over a longer period, of course, but both groups have released about the same number of albums, and had about the same span of decades to sell their work to new generations — and in new configurations.

What is the best-selling Pink Floyd? ›

The band achieved worldwide commercial success with The Dark Side of the Moon (1973), which has sold more than 30 million copies and is one of the best-selling albums in the world.

What did Eric Clapton think of Led Zeppelin? ›

"They were very loud," Clapton is quoted as saying in Ritchie Yorke's Led Zeppelin: The Definitive Biography. "I thought it was unnecessarily loud. I liked some of it; I really did like some of it. But a lot of it was just too much.

What mental illness Did Pink Floyd have? ›

Syd Barrett, Pink Floyd and Mental Illness - More information on street drugs and schizophrenia, other causal factors. Note - in the story below, we've linked to sections where the author has described some of (what are now known to be) common symptoms of schizophrenia.

What did George Harrison think of Eric Clapton? ›

George Harrison said the things Eric Clapton did on the guitar often amazed him and took him all night to figure out. Most of the time, it was easier to get Clapton to play his songs. However, there were many times when George's guitar playing skills surprised Clapton just as much.

Did The Beatles know Pink Floyd? ›

The chance meeting between the two bands happened on 21st of March in 1967 — coincidentally, the two bands were both working on their respective albums in Abbey Roads Studios in London; Pink Floyd was working on their debut, Piper at The Gates of Dawn, while The Beatles were recording what many consider one of the best ...

Who has schizophrenia in Pink Floyd? ›

Released by Pink Floyd in 1975, it was a tribute to their friend and founder, Syd Barrett, who at that point was no longer part of the band having left it in 1968 due to mental illness. A few years later, Syd Barrett went into self-imposed seclusion, in which he remained until his death in 2006.

Who is the most popular psychedelic rock band? ›

Here are a few of the best psychedelic rock bands and a little about them!
  • The Doors. Jim Morrison led on vocals, with keyboardist Ray Manzarek, guitarist Robby Krieger, and drummer John Densmore. ...
  • Cream. ...
  • The Rolling Stones. ...
  • King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard. ...
  • The Jimi Hendrix Experience. ...
  • Pink Floyd. ...
  • Tame Impala. ...
  • The Flaming Lips.
Jul 15, 2022

Who has the most #1 single hits? ›

Mariah Carey (USA) has topped the US Billboard Hot 100 singles chart on 19 different occasions.

Who is No 1 song in the world? ›

Beyonce, “Break My Soul”

What are the top 5 most played songs? ›

Top 10 Most Streamed Songs on Spotify
  1. 1. “ Blinding Lights” - The Weeknd. ...
  2. 2. “ Shape of You” - Ed Sheeran. ...
  3. 3. “ Dance Monkey” - Tones and I. ...
  4. 4. “ Someone You Loved” - Lewis Capaldi. ...
  5. 5. “ Rockstar” - Post Malone featuring 21 Savage. ...
  6. 6. “ Sunflower” - Post Malone and Swae Lee. ...
  7. 7. “ ...
  8. 8. “
Jan 9, 2023

What is the most political song ever? ›

Best protest songs
  1. “Strange Fruit” by Billie Holiday. ...
  2. “We Shall Overcome” ...
  3. “War” by Edwin Starr. ...
  4. “Mississippi Goddam” by Nina Simone. ...
  5. “The Times They Are a-Changin” by Bob Dylan. ...
  6. “Get Up, Stand Up” by Bob Marley. ...
  7. “Give Peace a Chance” by Plastic Ono Band. ...
  8. “Sunday Bloody Sunday” by U2.
Dec 8, 2021

Who has more #1 hits than the Beatles? ›

The King of Pop, Michael Jackson, topped the charts 13 times. This is just as a solo artist — Jackson had even more as part of his childhood band, The Jackson 5. But as a solo artist, he had 13 No.

What female singer has the most number one hits? ›

Mariah Carey (USA) has topped the US Billboard Hot 100 singles chart on 19 different occasions.

Who is the best selling female artist of all time? ›

Madonna. The Queen of Pop, Madonna, is the bestselling female artist of all time. She's released 14 studio albums, three soundtracks, five live albums and six compilations, plus 63 UK Top 10 singles. Since 1983, she's sold an estimated 335 million albums and singles worldwide.

What is the number one song in America? ›

The number one song on iTunes right now is Last Night by Morgan Wallen. Related Charts: Apple Music Top Streaming Songs, iTunes Top 200 Songs, Top New Songs March 2023, Top 100 Albums, and Top 40 Music Videos.

What is the most played song on the radio ever? ›

BMI today announced the Top 100 Songs of the Century, listing the most played songs on American radio and television.
'You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' ' Is Number One.
1.You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'Barry Mann, Phil Spector, Cynthia Weil
2.Never My LoveDonald & Richard Addrisi
98 more rows
Dec 13, 1999

Who is the most famous singer in the United States? ›

Elvis Presley

His musical style incorporated gospel, country, and rock and roll, and since he began he has sold over 500 million records, making him the top-selling solo artist ever.


1. Jelly Roll - Save Me (New Unreleased Video)
(Jelly Roll)
2. Luke Combs - She Got the Best of Me
(Luke Combs)
3. Warren Zevon - Werewolves Of London (Official Music Video) [HD]
4. The Secret Life of Symbols with Jordan Maxwell
(Bino Mobb)
5. Brubeck Quartet Time Out Album
(R. Jason Malloy)
6. U2 - Mysterious Ways (Official Music Video)


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