Texas Indoor Pools: 8 Most Relaxing Indoor Pools in the Lone Star State (2023)


From bold glass atriums to spectacular downtown views, these are eight of the most unique and relaxing indoor pools in Texas.

Is there anything better than gliding around in a cool indoor pool when you're on vacation (or vacationing close to home)? Sure, outdoor pools are great, but when the temperatures drop in the fall (or when the Texas humidity is really hot), these Texas indoor pools are the perfect place to kick back and relax.

Personally, I'm a fan of pools enclosed in glass rooms. But there are many pools on the list with a beautiful view of the city center. Most of these options are located in the state's largest cities, but you can find hotel indoor pools throughout the state.

Closed circuit tracks the size of Texas

Known for its pool and prime location in downtown Houston,Hilton Americas Houstonin the heart of the center is one of the newest hotels on this list. Built as an ideal destination for business travelers, this hotel is located near the convention center and boasts one of the best views in downtown Houston. The indoor pool is located in an upstairs room with a glass wall overlooking the city center.

After a few long swims (or a quick dip in the giant hot tub), dry off and head to the Skyline Spa and Health Club. The hotel offers a full spa, plus a well-equipped gym that includes changing rooms, as well as an Olympic swimming experience. You don't have to be a fitness enthusiast; between the pool and the windows there are plenty of sunbeds to relax and enjoy the view. The hotel is intended for business class, so expect high-end, modern furniture and luxurious finishes in the rooms.

Hilton Americas-Houston

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Indoor water family fun

When children want to play in the water 24/7,Great Wolf Lodge Grapevineit's a place to rest. Regardless of the season, the resort's indoor water park is available for hours (and hours) of water fun. Yes, there are outdoor pools and an impressive lazy river, but the kid-friendly indoor area makes this the perfect place for families. Both older children and adults can ride the network of water tubes and slides, while younger children enjoy the water playground.

This resort is self-contained, so you can swim, eat, sleep, and even participate in activities like a rope challenge or mining adventure without leaving the property. The rooms have a cottage theme, so you'll see a lot of wood and wolves in the decor. If the kids somehow tire of playing in the water park (unlikely), there are also activities planned throughout the day for different age groups. Think of it as a small amusement park with costumed characters.

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Great Wolf Lodge Grapevine


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Luxury village swimming indoors

At the opposite end of the bathing spectrum, peaceful groundsLago Austin Spa Resortyou are as peaceful as you can be. However, this does not mean that there is nothing to do.

This health resort in the country is named no. 1 destination Spa Resort in North America and no. 2 Destination Spa Resort in the world byConde Nast Travelerrevised 2019. Located on the shores of Lake Austin, it has two outdoor pools and a junior Olympic pool inside a chic "pool barn."

In addition to swimming, enjoy daily water exercises in the pool, then grab a kayak and head out on the lake.

Resort guests are completely spoiled. "Conscious cuisine" is prepared from local sources by one of the best chefs in the region. There are special wellness speakers and a water taxi that will take you to Austin. Luxurious bedding and furniture adorn every bedroom.

Lago Austin Spa Resort

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Atrium-style outdoor garage pool

If an urban environment is more your thing, make a reservationO Beemanin the posh Park Cities neighborhood of Dallas. The indoor pool is located in a bright atrium with garage door-style windows that open frequently to let in fresh air.

Everything about this hotel is extremely hip, artsy, modern and fun. You might feel like you've stepped into a sexy mid-century time capsule.

Beeman has been revamped and relaunched in 2019, so don't be surprised if you catch a faint whiff of fresh paint. The rooms are elegantly decorated with modern furniture and unique colors that match the artistic impression of the lobby and gastropub. Try any of their custom-made seasonal cocktails... after you're out in the pool.

O Beeman


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View into infinity (inside)

On Houston's west side, the Memorial City area is popular with locals and visitors alike. It is a center for quality medical care and is home to several shopping centers and residential areas.

It is close to the center of the districtWestin Houston Memorial City— a hotel with a heated infinity pool in an outdoor room on the top floor. Hotel guests can climb to the roof, swim to the edge of the pool and observe the city as if they were floating above it.

Besides the view, you can relax and feel the cool breeze that almost always blows in the pool area.

Want to bring your pet? Can. Can't miss your daily workout? Have an exercise bike in your room.

The hotel serves business and medical visitors, so the rooms are modern and well equipped. Most floors have wall-to-wall windows along the wide hallway, and there are chairs and benches to enjoy the view.

The Westin Houston, Memorial City

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It gets salty in the hill country

Is salt water the future of swimming pools? Saltwater is gentler and gentler on the skin than chlorine, and seems to be gaining popularity as an alternative to traditional pools. If you want to try it, check it outHotel Grand Duke Austin.

This luxury hotel has several pools, including a heated saltwater pool (outdoor) and a relaxing indoor pool near the spa. Take a dip in the pool while enjoying views of the peaceful hills outside of Austin. Enjoy spa treatments before or after diving.

Hotel Granduca Austin has an Italian theme, from the Tuscan yellow walls to the wooden furniture and granite and marble details. The furniture in the common areas has a comfortable, antique feel. Hill Country wouldn't be complete without some wine, and a good selection (along with spirits) is available at the on-site bar. Enjoy fresh Italian food served in the restaurant.

Hotel Grand Duke Austin

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Indoor swimming pool with mile-long views

If you're interested in enjoying the Dallas skyline while relaxing by the pool,Westin Dallas Downtownmust be on your list. The indoor pool of this high-rise hotel is located on the top floor, with a wall of windows overlooking the city center. You might feel like you're in an episodeDallas!

This downtown Dallas hotel is in the heart of the action and within walking distance of downtown attractions. If you want to stay on site, the hotel's restaurant has a panoramic view of the city. The hotel is not as new as some of the other competitors on this list, but few can compare to the view from this location. The rooms are modern and comfortable, although the real attraction is the view.

Westin Dallas Downtown


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Shopping and diving into the interior

The Galleria area of ​​Houston has some of the most expensive designer stores in the country.

If shopping and fine restaurants are on your agenda, the hotel poolHotel Marriott Houston West Loop Galleriait will be the icing on the cake. This indoor pool is located in a glass atrium with steel beam construction and an almost industrial atmosphere. It's a bit like being in a giant greenhouse. Except with a pool.

Steel beams and glass ceilings continue into the lobby, which is flooded with light during the day. At night, the lights and stars of the nearby city are visible and give the common spaces a romantic atmosphere.

Most rooms have floor-to-ceiling windows that let in light and offer views of the city. Warm oak furniture and neutral colors make the rooms comfortable and inviting. After a day of swimming or shopping - or both - it's a relaxing place for a good night's sleep.

Marriott Houston West Loop u galeriji


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Where is the largest swimming pool in Texas? ›

Next time you're visiting Paisano Pete in Fort Stockton, TX take a trip down to Toyahvale, TX to see the World's Largest Swimming Pool. The Pool is spring-fed, covers 1 3/4 acres, has a year-round temperature of 78 degrees, is 25 feet deep in places, and holds over 3 1/2 million gallons (or 3 1/2 Peachoids of water).

Where is the White House swimming pool? ›

The swimming pool is located on the South Grounds of the White House and is different from the one built in 1933 during the Franklin Roosevelt administration, which was indoors and covered over in 1970 to become the Press Room. President Ford's first swim in the pool came just a few days earlier, on July 1.

Are Texas pools heated? ›

Many pools in Texas are equipped with either gas heaters or heat pumps for the cooler months.

What is an indoor infinity pool? ›

With a regular pool, the water is contained by higher pool walls, but an infinity pool works like a waterfall, with lower pool walls to match the water level. This creates the illusion that the water is, as the name suggests, infinite.


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