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Larry 44 - Balenci lyrics and translation of the song.
Larry 44 letters. "Balance". Just take this gabbe. Here, brother, take this. 44, hello. So I hand her a bundle and say, "Just count" (Yeah, yeah) Yo, I keep my balance in these Balenci (Balenci) No shoelaces so I trip (Ku, ku, ku) And the car I'm in in, bro, there's a shooter with (Skrrt)

Wrapped up in Balenci, we don't wear sneakers. I fucked the little slut and brought her to Benis. Remember when I was collecting nickels and cents. Just so I can make a profit. ' on the cookie You know I got racks on my skinnies chasing that bag, I don't give a fuck if there's no picture

Lyrics of Handsome & Maxo Kream. Balenci and Dickies. [?] on this motherfucker. [Handsome:] Aww, I'm a real jerk. I could mix the Dickies with Gucci and Fendi. My sneakers, Balenci and G-Star, my jeans just to keep the shine. My bad choppa bitch, I could buy her some tits. And I fuck with Bloods when I'm not red like [?]

Lil Uzi Vert - POP lyrics and translation of the song.
Balenci', Balenci', Balenci', Balenci', Balenci' I move, I drip, I got gravy and I strut 'cause it's easy with your bitch with me, no you can't kiss me, I'm the black one that make your bitch pop (Yeah) I'm the black one that makes your bitch pop (Yeah) I'm the black one that makes your bitch fall (Yeah)

NAV - Know Me Songtext
NAV letters. "Know me". Balenci (hmm), shoe size on my toe. They know me (hmm) wherever I go Codeine (hmm), double cup make him a toast. Got racquets, bags shipped coast to coast Elliot turned on my wrist. Diamond rings cover my fist. After she sucked my cock (what) they kicked her out, kicked her.

G-Eazy - 1942 lyrics and translation of the song.
These are brand new, don't step on my Balenci. I'll hit if she lets me. They don't like the way I talk. They flooded my wrist, a puddle dripped '42, I drink constantly. I'm on and have no more fixes to send. Author(s): Christian Ward, Mario Mims, Gerald Gillum, Nick Simmons, Samuel Jimenez, Edgar Ferrera. Letters from A-Z. GRAM.

Lyrics by Nardo Wick - Wicked Witch
Don't be afraid, I've got guns, baby, I'm a gentleman. Bitches beat my heart out, bro, I won't let 'em in Uh, uh, you can't be mad, honey, you know I'm a womanizer. Uh, don't be insecure, your place is safe I promise. Uh, she knows she's safe with me, when evil comes she knows I'll shoot.

Saucy Santana - Material Girl lyrics and translation of the song.
feet on fleek; Going by Balenci You'd be damn crazy to turn 'em against me Boy stop all that talk Rich nigga 8 digits ain't enough 10 digit private show in the back of the Bentley truck

I'm soaked in Dior, Balenci 'I kick' I hold a torch, that's my weapon Freak Treesh, Henny (Treesha) She want a dick, she gets a lot I'd rather cry in the rain or a Bentley Big Breesh, Big Woos, Freak Treesh, Big Blues AP, Big Jewels, Six-Os, Shu Shu Nine Shots Talking about Woos, shit you better mention me

My dog ​​got out of jail and came right back. These new ones, don't step on my Balenci. I'll hit if she lets me. They don't walk like I talk this (Hitmaka) Flooded my wrist, a puddle dripping '42, I keep drinking Yeah, I'm in and out, yeah These newbies don't step on my Balenci's I'll hit that if she let me They are not leaving. ..

Lil Baby - Stick On Me lyrics and translation of the song.
I could have gone and bought Balenci' but I spent it on my teeth. Don't ask me if I got my glizzy, bitch, you know that's my ID [Lil Baby & Rylo:] Everywhere I go they hit me, I can't let a nigga bother me, lil nigga, but i'm a big homie. Can't keep a black bitch away from me I've been listening to niggas talkin' slick

Saucy Santana - Pesos Lyrics
New Balenci', what's up? (What's up?) You wanna smoke, better bring your pawn Rich bitch lungs choke exotics And that's the way it goes I've got a big bank balance And every day we fight these pesos (pesos) All about them Euros, lots of money (Euros, money ) 'Cause we fight these weights every day All about my gwalla (gwalla)

I rock Balencis, these best shoes (Best shoes) I knew I was awake when they told me I was a green light. Had to cut 'em hoes, it didn't seem right Gear right My hair clean, my shirt clean and my jeans tight Mama always with me, I don't eat right I've been trying to collect all this money (Yeah)

UnoTheActivist - On The Moon Lyrics and Translation of the Song.
All that shit) I'm overjoyed with some thugs, damn (All that shit, all that shit) I'm overjoyed with some thugs, baby (All that shit) I'm overjoyed with some thugs small. We brought helicopters to the party. My bitch on some Balenci shit and I'm rockin' with Ed Hardy And I'm on some X, yeah, and I'm smokin' exotic

Blueface - Obama Lyrics and Translation of the Song.
Pull the strings Balenciaga (Balenci') I still had to go when nobody fought (Yeah, alright) Life's hard, bitch, wait (Aguapa) Oh yeah, don't forget to swallow (Swallow) Stand up top models (Models) Sippin' champagne from the bottle (Bottles) Rolex Presidential Bezels (Presi') Drumsticks and my Heavy Metal (Metal)

Lil Uzi Vert - POP lyrics and translation of the song.
Lil Uzi Vert POP lyrics. Straight bars bow, bow, bow, bow, bow, bow, bow, bow (I'm dying to work) bow, bow, bow, bah. Got a bitch yeah she looks so good but really she denies it Diamond water, yes, it looks like a river. Looks like I'm standing on the Nile Brain of a.. .

Futuro - Radical Songtext
Tiger Stripe, Alexander Wang and Balenci All that black and white, I'm coming straight from the Fendi Purp type bitches, I'm coming straight like I'm Jimi. Out of sight, all these damn brains in my schedule? Matte white half, I wrapped it around a Rover. Crazy nigga I'm so off this soda Fuck the Rover soda, I just poured a 4

Future - Overdose Lyrics
Balenciaga, run it up (Balenci'), pop necklace with a top shotta vixen in the belly, double M, it's a must Maybach, sipping mud, matte black with the belly stripped, enjoy it, pull a toy out of her gonna really get destroyed, really get a job, carry lots of guns (uh huh), take a nasty bitch over for lunch (uh huh), take off with a toy (uh...

Lyrics by Young T & Bugsey. "Advocate of the Fifth". I made the fifth fashion page. Shoe size in my Balenci'. C cup for my baby, she is still hot. Six digit numbers I'm flipping through, I'm in Chelsea. Don't give two Fs, don't give a Fendy. I can't feel any stress in the Bentley. Nigga I won't rest, they tryna get me

Floor3 - Red banknotes
log in to vote. Lyrics of Floor3 Red banknotes. My bitch so violent it looks like a murder case Handing out hoodies if she escapes If she exits If she exits If she exits Toxic, toxic as an antidote Swap for red bank...

Young Dolph - Coordinate the lyrics and translation of the song.
Coordinate shit to the floor, all the Balenci 'My little girl ain't no more than three, and she like Dior, she like Fendi (Okay) Bad bitches, whips, ice cream bands, I got a lot (Yeah) He the coolest biggest richest Black city (Yeah) Wake up every day just to get high and fly (Fly) Wake up every day and chase a check with the boys...

Erica Banks - designer lyrics and translation of the song.
Balenci, Prada, in the club (Yeah) (Yeah) Chanel, Fendi, in the club If she ain't bought a bag, why the fuck is she on the cut? We a designer rocker ho' (Yeah) We a designer rocker ho' We a designer rocker ho'

Money Man - Addictive lyrics and translation of the song.
I rock Balencis [?] [?] Shoot a few Kill 'em quietly I'll kill 'em quietly Come from the country let me scream my whole street Yeah I just fucked you but I can't say I love you They say , they just mumble But with this crap of shit I'm a lyricist Niggas wipe off 'disguise' gigs This shit addictive They hunnids addictive Shot with...

Lil Pump - It's Whatever Lyrics
It's whatever (Uh), it's whatever It's whatever (Woah), whenever. I extended the clip on the Glock, I'll stretch 'em (Yeah) Put 20,000 on his head, now get him (Bow) Bitch, bitch, don't come to my house, I get extra (Nah) I don't I don't need him a vest 'cause I shoot from the neck up (Brrt) Big Pump pull up with a pump

Lyrics of Lil Eazzyy - Onna Come Up
Now I'm out at Balenci the runner man, tell 'em stop tinkering, I've already fucked her She was wrong, nobody for the dollar I served the demons that make Xannies dissolve When I got a problem I make a call, none of will your niggas even slip? Bitch like uh oven, I pack this heat

Young Dolph - "Coordinate" Yeah, yeah It's alright, uh It's Dolph (Sosa, 808 got this beat bangin', nigga, ayy) Ayy Coordinate shit to the floor, all Balenci' My little girl ain't nothing but three, and her like it God, he like...

Larry June - Trapped lyrics and translation of the song.
I moved in Balenci', elevated, moved differently. Calculated risks taken, still scrambling in the kitchen. It was five o'clock in the morning, I was awake, I couldn't sleep. And if I didn't get the money then my son wouldn't eat And look no I finished school so I was back on the streets And look these black cops tried to murder me, black shit

Future - Wesley Presley Lyrics and Translation of the Song.
Ha) I can't circumvent the law, I don't speak Chinese. (Hoo) He picked up his bitch and then told her hachi kachi. (Hachi) Copied the new Balenci like these bitches were huaraches. (Yes) I should move to Italy. I'm cooler than everyone else. (All) I am an underground king. I perform all over the world. (All) [Hook:]

Jay Critch - Rojo y azul lyrics and translation of the song.
In front of you Balenci shoes. Red and Blue Crouching of Red and Blue. They come through as red and blue bruises. I've got blood, I've got cripples, get a hint. Meet a place on the cabin package. Give me the tip of the whip pulled my legs through the roof. No, there is no ambiguous when we shoot. No we can't be cool, who are you?

Money Man - Transform Lyrics and Translation of the Song.
At Saks Fifth I bought Balenci Runners. Rent a house to rip off somewhere at Tucker. Call me Uber Eats 'cause we keep complaining, Lamborghini Urus, hear the engine roar, blind side, a black man never saw it coming I've never seen myself run. We're not doing this one pound house I'm going to eat a mushroom, I'm going on a trip.

Autumn! - I understand! letter
Balenci puffer yeah I feel like a bear Nigga wanna smoke let's get it on the air Trying to be me ain't no shit to compare A bitch ain't enough I need some Glocks with a drum yeah it came with a sling rose gold plain jane just look at the 2k glow to see if it fits everything i wear racks on me i got it racks on me i got it yeah

DeJ Loaf - Homeless Lyrics and Translation of the song.
Hit the head with Balenci's Lord, please forgive me, they want to catch me slipping. And all Brandy wants is Tiffany, and Tiffany, she wants Chanel, and Chanel has bigger dreams, so she's gonna do a few different things. Oh we got it either way. Store Gucci, oh we shopped in the Philippines Double Cup, I love mixing my promethazine

Lyrics of Money Man
Let me slow down while I walk into your bar. Let me calm her down and she'll slow down in the car. Don't worry, there's a bell in the car. Stop and sell a scale in the car. Try to rob me and you'll be dead in the car. I put a hovic in the car. I smoke this pressure so hard All my bitches look heavenly.

RH - MCQUEEN Songtext
Larry 44 - "Balenci" Take that Gahbe Here bro, take that 44, hey So I give him a pack and say, "Just count" (Yeah, yeah) Yo, I'm keeping my balance on that Balenci (Balenci) Ikk' no '...

Paris Shadows - Options Lyrics and Translation of the Song.
Walk into Ricky G's, Balenci on my toe She's a devil to me, just look at her nose Damn shit, most people around me are always accommodating. I'm lost so close to the top I can taste it.

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