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How to mix neem oil for plants and...

How to mix neem oil for plants and its application process

There is a LOT that can be said about each group of essential oils. Citrus essential oils are uplifting and will make you feel energized and alive IMMEDIATELY. Open a bottle, smell it to the bottom... and you will be so HAPPY that you will be like:

“I feel energized and uplifted as I inhale the aroma of this essential oil!” The effects are instant. It will surprise you.

And for that reason, if I had to choose a favorite group ofessential oilsfor an uplifting scent, it would have to be citrus oils.

Not everything smells good when you add a little lemon to it. Or orange. Or grapefruit? From a cake to a candle, citrus scents are always simply delicious.

Okay, let's start. There's a lot to cover!

What are citrus essential oils?

Citrus essential oils are very powerful; strong and spicy aromas. These oils have HUGE potential: they can be used for aromatherapy to help you wake up and feel more energized with their fresh and spicy scent, and could be versatile enough to be a key ingredient in your used or homemade cleaning products. diffuser for detox effects.

BACKGROUND: Citrus aromatherapy has also been shown to have positive effects on pain relief.

These "happy oils" can have a variety of benefits, from antimicrobial properties to promoting stress relief. They can also be used to reduce acne, dry skin, and eczema. Check out my essential oils for oily and acne-prone skin here.

NOTE: Not only do these oils have some amazing benefits, but they are also very inexpensive.

Citrus essential oils have their own character.

Here are some things to keep in mind when using your oils:


Citrus essential oils are phototoxic (can increase the absorption of ultraviolet or UV rays),Bergamot is the most phototoxic of all citrus essential oils.. You should NEVER apply these oils directly to the skin, and they are especially phototoxic when exposed to sunlight or bright lights.Be very careful, you can SERIOUSLY burn yourself with citrus oils.

And at night or at the end of the day?

They would have to be highly diluted in carrier oils. You will need about 8 hours to be sure after applying a diluted citrus essential oil with a carrier oil to your skin.

Aromatherapy and citrus essential oils

Aromatherapy is the practice of inhaling the aroma of essential oils to affect mood, relaxation, and well-being.Citrus aromatherapy is one of the most beneficial ways to get a burst of energy and lift your spirits.

What is the difference between citrus essential oils and other essential oils?

"Citrus" refers to a group of plants that are closely related. The citrus family includes a wide selection of fruits, such as lemons, limes, oranges, and grapefruit.

The oil is found in the bark.

These essential oils are found in the skin of the fruit, rather than the seeds, flower petals, roots, leaves, or bark as is the case with other oils. During the peeling process, the essential oil is released into the air; it is so strong that you can perfume the air with it.

unmistakable scent

The second difference is this smell. When peeling an orange or zesting a lemon, you can easily smell the citrus scent that has that familiar “clean”, fresh, tart, tart aroma. So you can easily see how your natural scent can be VERY strong, which can overwhelm other fragrances if not used correctly. These types of oils have a sweet, fresh, and citrusy aroma.

usually pretty cheap

As mentioned above, citrus oils are generally inexpensive compared to other essential oils, making them really appealing to DIYers or as an ingredient in your homemade cleaning product.

Cold pressed instead of steam distilled.

Finally, citrus essential oils are usually extracted by cold pressing rather than steam distillation. While steam distillation involves heating the oil and passing steam through it, cold pressing uses a machine to crush and squeeze the oil from the peels of citrus or fruit.

“Most essential oils are distilled with a combination of water and steam, but citrus peel oils are cold-pressed to retain all of the aromatic botanical goodness they possess. This process consists of piercing the skin of the whole fruit or just the skin of the fruit and extracting the essential oil. With this process, part of the juice is also extracted, which is then separated from the essential oil.”

Citrus essential oil benefits and how to use it

Citrus essential oils have manyhealthbenefits that can be used in fragrances for cosmetics and for aromatherapy treatments. They are also widely used in perfumes, soaps and other types of cosmetic products to add their unique fragrance and are also used in some industries as flavoring agents or even as disinfectants.

There are many benefits that come with the use of citrus essential oil. The two main ones are:
A natural antimicrobial
· Mood enhancers (who hasn't felt uplifted and energized after a bath with a citrus-scented soap or after using an orange-scented candle?)

Some others include:
An effective insect repellent
A natural deodorant for your body
A natural antiseptic
· It is used as a food flavoring (I do not recommend doing this at home)
Antioxidants: excellent for skin and cell health
Astringent: helps with oily skin, dry skin and blemishes
Detox: anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties
Stress relievers (citrus oils have been shown to treat stress)

Antimicrobial properties of citrus essential oil

Citrus essential oils are a powerful source of antimicrobial activity. They are particularly effective against germs and infections because they are antiseptics that kill harmful bacteria, viruses, and microorganisms.

You can use citrus essential oils as a natural disinfectant by adding 30 drops of lemon or orange essential oil to half a glass of water in a spray bottle. Shake well before each use to mix well. The oil will separate after a while.

You can create your own natural cleaners using essential oils like an orange or lemon essential oil spray, vinegar, and water.

Relieve anxiety and irritability (natural mood enhancer)

Citrus essential oils are known to have "happy" effects, improving your mood and supporting positive feelings naturally. 'Sweeter' ones like orange can help you feel relaxed and calm when you are anxious or irritable. Aromatherapy is also known to reduce stress levels and relieve tension. Ambient orange odor in a dental office reduces anxiety and improves patient mood:

You can diffuse citrus essential oils into the air by adding a few drops to a diffuser and circulating it throughout the house. Grapefruit will cheer you up and energize you, while sweet orange will help you relax.

Clean sticky surfaces

You can easily clean sticky and dirty surfaces because citrus essential oils are effective against the most common forms of surface contaminants such as grease, oil, dirt, rubber, and dust.

If you want to clean windows or mirrors in your home, spray some lemon or orange essential oil mixed with water (30 drops of essential oil in half a glass of water) onto a paper towel and rub the surface of your window or window. mirror with paper towels.

Fantastic air freshener

You can also use it as an air freshener by adding lemon or orange essential oil in a spray bottle and spraying around the room or even the car. The fresh citrus scent will go a long way in eliminating unwanted odors.

Citrus essential oils can also be used to clean your carpets, curtains, or any type of fabric that needs to be disinfected.

For a lemon and grapefruit flavoring spray, mix 2 tablespoons of vodka, 2 tablespoons of mineral water, 10 drops of lemon essential oil, 5 drops of lemon essential oil, 5 drops of tangerine essential oil, and 10 drops of essential oil. of grapefruit. First mix the vodka and essential oils in a bowl and then add the water. Transfer to a sterilized bottle with a spray bottle. It will keep for about 4-6 months. Before use, shake well and spray into the room.

You can also add the essential oil blend to your diffuser or oil burner for a wonderful citrus scent.

Citrus essential oils and their properties

Here is a brief summary of the main properties of the individual citrus essential oils that should help you decide which oil to use on your skin or hair.

Increases mood and energy.

Citrus essential oils are also known to boost your mood, improve your mood, and provide a burst of energy. They are especially useful after a sleepless night, as they can help you get up in the morning and gain some initiative during the day.
Omega-3 essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals (especially folate) have been shown to have antidepressant benefits:

useful for skin

The citrus essential oils ingredient also offers other benefits for the skin. It is effective against fungal infections, acne, and even eczema. The antioxidants in citrus essential oils can help remove free radicals from the skin to prevent premature aging, inflammation, and wrinkles.

They are effective as anti-inflammatories and, due to their antimicrobial activity, they are perfect if you suffer from acne, eczema or rosacea.

Be careful when using citrus essential oils on the skin due to phototoxicity. Use with caution and only in low dilutions and at night.

Eliminate Toxins

Aromatherapy can be a great way to help you deal with toxins, as citrus essential oils can help flush toxins out of your body through your skin.

To do this, add a few drops of lemon or orange essential oil to half a glass of water in a spray bottle and shake well. Then spray the mixture on the skin and gently rub it in for about 10 minutes. Wash it off with cold water afterwards. Remember to use it overnight.

Support Respiratory Health

Citrus essential oils also have antimicrobial properties that can be helpful for respiratory conditions like bronchitis and asthma.

Pour hot water into a bowl and add 10-20 drops of a citrus essential oil blend. Then place your head over the bowl to inhale the vapors. Remove the head from the container when you feel a slight discomfort from the heat. Do this twice a day (morning and night). Be careful not to burn yourself!


Citrus essential oils can be used in many different ways. At home, you can add a few drops of lemon or orange essential oil to a spray bottle and use it to freshen the air. In the workplace, you'll find citrus essential oils effective against dust mites and pests like mosquitoes, flies, and even cockroaches.

You can also diffuse lemon or orange essential oil on your car or office desk to create a refreshing scent for people who need to focus on their work.

Commercial Uses of Citrus Essential Oils

There are many ways in which citrus essential oils can be used in industries. In foods and beverages, they can be used as flavoring agents.

Citrus oils can also be used in the perfume industry, where they are commonly added to perfumes to add their citrus flavor.

In cleaning, essential oils can be added to the wash water to increase the efficiency and quality of the clothes. A few drops of citrus oils will help eliminate bed bugs, dust mites, and fungus from clothing and bedding.

They can also be used as a natural antiseptic when cleaning utensils, as they are effective against mold, bacteria and fungi.

Topical uses of citrus essential oils

Citrus essential oils have antimicrobial properties, which means they can help kill certain types of bacteria and fungal infections on your skin. Lemon and orange essential oils are also effective against eczema, acne, psoriasis, and even dandruff. They can also be used to treat wounds, as they are effective against burn wounds and even cut wounds.

List of citrus essential oils

There are several types of citrus essential oils on the market. They all have different scents and benefits. Some of them increase a good mood, while others can help with mental clarity or relieve stress.

Below is a list of some common citrus essential oils to explore. We will analyze each citrus essential oil individually; As a general rule of thumb, it can be said that lemon and grapefruit essential oils are considered two of the most powerful antimicrobial essential oils; grapefruit, lime and lemon are considered energizing and great for concentration (also good for mental alertness in the diffuser). Tangerine, orange, and clementine are considered more relaxing (hot and spicy are good for alertness and have an invigorating effect, while sweeter citrus essential oils are good for relaxing).

Careful:Avoid taking grapefruit essential oil internally. It can be toxic. If you have a known allergy to this essential oil, do not use. Avoid using it too close to the eyes, as it can irritate them. Use in well-ventilated areas as this is a highly concentrated form of citrus essential oil. Be careful when using any oil topically, as they are very concentrated and powerful.

NOTE: Buy organic oils
Always try to buy organic citrus essential oils and the purest form available. These oils are extracted from the skin of fruits, so no pesticides or insecticides should be used in the cultivation process!

Organic Grapefruit Essential Oil

Grapefruit has an energizing and uplifting effect on the mind and body. It has a wonderful uplifting feel and works well as part of a spray ingredient or massage oil blend to increase circulation. It also helps with detoxification and can reduce water retention. I use it in some of my homemade skin care products for combination to oily skin.

  • Helps in weight loss and fights cellulite:Massage into skin diluted with carrier oil (2 tablespoons carrier oil, 7 drops organic grapefruit essential oil; use only at night). It will also help increase metabolism and circulation and will also help with water retention.
  • Good for oily or combination skin:Being astringent and slightly antiseptic, this essential oil is perfect for oily skin. Good for those with acne and/or open pores. This will help firm your skin. (1 drop of essential oil with the night cream – remember never to use it during the day).
  • Tired out?:It can help you relax, de-stress, and perk up your mind after a long day of work and activity, this essential oil is a must for your relaxing oil kit. Add 4-5 drops to your diffuser and enjoy.
  • Relieves muscle and joint pain:Add 6 drops to 2 tablespoons of carrier oil (almond, olive, grapeseed) and massage into affected area. It can also help with headaches.
  • Zesty Air Purifier:Add 15-20 drops to a spray bottle filled with 3 tablespoons of high quality vodka and 3 tablespoons of water. Ideal for the office, car, or anywhere you need fresh air and a pleasant scent.

Organic Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon is recognized for its powerful antibacterial and antioxidant properties. It is known for its purifying, uplifting and refreshing scent. Lemon essential oil tends to promote a happy mood when diffused into the air. When inhaled, it is often used to help treat depression and anxiety, as well as being useful for increasing concentration and mental alertness. A great natural deodorant, also acting as an antiseptic.

  • Reduces Varicose Veins:This oil helps increase circulation. Add 10 drops to 2 tablespoons of almond oil for a great massage mix.
  • Cleans oily skin:Use only at night, add 1 drop to your night cream.
  • Apply on warts and warts:You can apply pure on warts and warts, or use a compress for rashes, as well as boils. Dilute 6 drops in almond oil, add to water to use as a compress.
  • Reduce cellulite:This oil helps reduce cellulite and fluid retention. Add 10 drops to 2 tablespoons of almond or grapeseed oil and massage into the area.
  • Gives a "happy" feeling:Lemon essential oil tends to promote a happy mood when diffused into the air. When inhaled, it is often used to help treat depression and anxiety, as well as being useful for increasing concentration and mental alertness.
  • Fight obesity:It can be used to help fight obesity.

Organic Bergamot Oil

I am totally addicted to Early Gray tea. It uses bergamot as one of the main ingredients and the aroma is perfect for me. Bergamot essential oil can have a balancing effect on the mind and body. It is good for dry or itchy skin and can be calming and cooling. Bergamot is known for its uplifting and stimulating properties and can increase feelings of well-being.

  • Balances oily and combination skin:- Can improve skin tone, soothe dry, itchy skin, can help
  • Helps reduce the appearance of scars.– With natural healing properties, it can help reduce the appearance of scars over time. Add 3 drops of bergamot essential oil to 2 tablespoons of almond or grapeseed oil and massage into the area. Do not use it on the face.
  • Refreshing and relaxing:– Add 3 drops of bergamot essential oil to 2 tablespoons of almond or grapeseed oil and massage into feet before bed for a restful and restful sleep.
  • cold fever:– With a cooling action, it can help with fever. Use in a compress by adding 3 drops to cold water, then add to the compress. Apply directly to the skin.
  • For cold sores, herpes and pimples:– Being a great antiseptic with antibacterial and antiviral properties, you can dilute it in almond or grapeseed oil and apply it on pimples, cold sores, and cold sores.
  • Antidepressant:– Relieves anxiety and acts as an antidepressant because it balances the mood. It is perfect to use in a diffuser overnight as it can help you relax and get a good night's sleep.

Organic Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon is considered an energizing essential oil. It has many health benefits, supporting proper digestion and promoting a healthy immune system. Lemon can also help promote a sense of calm and ease mental exhaustion. Lemon also has antibacterial properties that are helpful in treating various skin conditions like acne and other skin infections. Lemon has a pleasant, fresh scent and blends well with many other essential oils.

Organic Tangerine Essential Oil

Tangerine has a strong citrus aroma. When spread, it helps relieve stress, anxiety, and depression. Tangerine essential oil can also help with mental clarity and focus, making it a great addition to the work environment.

Organic Tangerine Essential Oil

Tangerine essential oil is invigorating, relaxing and refreshing. This essential oil is used to promote physical and mental well-being. It relaxes muscles and improves circulation, making it ideal for use in hair and scalp beauty products. A little goes a long way with this highly concentrated essential oil; do not use more than 10% of this essential oil at a time.

Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil

Sweet orange essential oil has a strong scent of sweet citrus. Like other citrus oils, this essential oil can also promote well-being and happiness. Sweet orange also has antibacterial properties that help fight infection.

Organic Petitgrain Essential Oil

Petitgrain essential oil has a very strong sweet citrus aroma with hints of sweetness. Petitgrain means “small grains” in French, so you can see that its smell is very strong. Petitgrain essential oil makes a wonderful gift for yourself or someone you care about. This essential oil can help promote feelings of happiness and good health.

citrus oil for skin

Packed with vitamin C, these oils are great for all skin types. They have natural anti-inflammatory, anti-acne, and antibacterial properties that help fight wrinkles and increase elasticity.

Blood orange essential oil is rich in antioxidants that protect the skin from sun damage. Lemon essential oil has a lot of vitamin C that helps fight wrinkles, delays the appearance of age spots, and brightens skin tone. Sweet orange essential oil has antibacterial properties that can help fight acne. Bergamot essential oil is fantastic for dry skin and is actually suitable for all skin types. Pink grapefruit essential oil has powerful antibacterial effects and is rich in vitamin A, stimulating cell production. Yuzu essential oil restores pH levels and has anti-inflammatory properties.

These oils have a place in skin care and can be found in many cosmetic products. You can also buy them on their own and mix them with other essential and carrier oils for different effects (I do this a lot). There are many ways to use them however you see fit, including making your own skincare products (which I also make regularly).

The oils listed above can help combat and prevent bad skin days. Citrus oils can also help improve skin tone and texture, reason enough to add them to any skincare routine.

Citrus essential oil blend

Most citrus oils are very strong and should be used sparingly in blends. When you buy citrus oils, they are already present and can be very invasive to your mix. There are a few things you can do to help with this.

1: Choose a carrier oil that is high in vitamin E; such as jojoba, apricot kernel or virgin coconut oil. Vitamin E helps neutralize the harshness of the essential oil.

2: Use a water or alcohol base instead of a carrier oil. Citrus oils do not mix well with oil and can quickly go rancid.

3: Use a citrus oil mixed with other essential oils as part of your blend (like in the Sensual Indulgence set).

4: Do not abuse citrus oil, less is more.

Storage and shelf life

Organic citrus essential oils should be stored in a cool, dark place, away from direct sunlight. It is recommended that you use citrus oil within a year of purchase, although some people say it only has a 6 month shelf life. These oils generally have a shorter shelf life than other essential oils and can lose their aroma by up to fifty percent after six months.

When storing an essential oil in a dark glass bottle, make sure your bottle has UV protection. This will ensure that the light does not degrade the oil and make it less effective. To make them last a little longer, you can store them in the refrigerator.

Regarding the oils that I mention throughout this post, they are all certified as pure and organic by the USDA (USDA Certified Organic) or by the EU (EU Certified Organic). You may choose to store them out of direct sunlight as long as they are in a cool place and out of the reach of children.

##Where to buy citrus essential oils
There are many places where you can buy essential oils. I personally buy all my essential oils from reputable suppliers and make sure they are organic whenever possible.

Some of my favorite brands are here in Europe and may not be so easy to find. I've done a lot of research over the years and it's worth the time to find vendors you're happy with! I'm learning how to make my own oils (I'll keep you posted on that!), but in the meantime, I recommend you do your research and learn how to find suppliers you can trust.

Amazon, Ebay, and the Internet in general are great places to find citrus essential oils. There are many different brands and they vary in price, quality and authenticity. Health stores, pharmacies, spas, and salons also stock citrus essential oils. Once again, you will want to make sure that the oils are also pure and organic.

Last words

Citrus essential oils are a lot of fun to work with, especially in homemade products. I love using them in skin creams and lotions. Before using citrus oils, I suggest you do a skin test first.

As you can see, there are many benefits to using essential oils, both for your own health and the health of your family. I hope you found some of this information helpful and consider adding essential oils to your daily routine. You will surely notice a positive difference!

Let me know if you liked this article. Please leave your comments below.

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